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If you have never promoted our products (or any of them in particular), we want to offer you the opportunity of earning 90% comission for 60 days!

*If you want to earn a 90% comission, just write to establish the JV contract:


Language: Spanish

Categorie: Health & Fitness

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Reverse Diabetes 1 spanish aff tools diabeclave
Reiki Masters Course spanish aff tools reiki9
Erectile Dysfunction Cure spanish aff tools disfunci9
Blood Pressure Reduction spanish aff tools presion
Reverse Diabetes 2 spanish aff tools diabetes9
Eliminate Varicose Veins spanish aff tools varices9
Remove Cellulite spanish aff tools celulitis
Reverse Diabetes spanish aff tools diabetesre
Increase Size of Buttocks spanish aff tools gluteos
Lose Weight spanish aff tools bajarpeso9
Natural Breast Enlargement spanish aff tools masbusto
Remove Stretch Marks spanish aff tools estrias
Remedy For Bow Legs spanish aff tools endepierna
Remove Herpes spanish aff tools see in
Hair Recovery spanish aff tools mcabello
Teeth Whitening spanish aff tools blanquear
Acne Cure spanish aff tools acne1234
Regulate Cholesterol spanish aff tools colesterol
Eliminate Migraines spanish aff tools micabeza
Back Pain Relief spanish aff tools espalda
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cure spanish aff tools intestino
Tinnitus Cure spanish aff tools see in
Eye Floaters Cure spanish aff tools moscas
Ovarian Cysts Cure spanish aff tools ovarios
Bacterial Vaginosis Cure spanish aff tools vaginosis
Yeast Infection Cure spanish aff tools hongos
Menopause Relief spanish aff tools menopausia
Panic Attacks Cure spanish aff tools panico
Premature Ejaculation Cure spanish aff tools controla
Psoriasis Cure spanish aff tools psoriasis9
Reverse Diabetes 3 spanish aff tools ladiabetes
Remove Cellulite 2 spanish aff tools celulitis9
Anorexia Cure spanish aff tools laanorexia
Angular Cheilitis Cure spanish aff tools queilitis
Reverse Alzheimer spanish aff tools see in
Arthritis Cure spanish aff tools artritis9
Fibroids Cure spanish aff tools fibromas
Hemorrhoids Cure spanish aff tools hemorroide
Reverse Hair Loss spanish aff tools revertir
Insomnia Cure spanish aff tools insomnio9
Stop Snoring spanish aff tools deroncar
Stop Smoking spanish aff tools fumarno
Quit Marijuana spanish aff tools marihuana
Skin Whitening spanish aff tools pielclara
Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal spanish aff tools averrugas
Vision Self-healing spanish aff tools see in
Eliminate Sweating spanish aff tools sudor
Facial Gymnastics spanish aff tools gimfacial
Remove Acid Reflux spanish aff tools reflujo9
Eliminate Premature Ejaculation spanish aff tools controrgas
Remove Rosacea spanish aff tools rosacea2
Grow Tall spanish aff tools see in


Categorie: Parenting & Families

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Getting Pregnant spanish aff tools embarazada


Categorie: Self-Help

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Seduce Women spanish aff tools bioseduc
Save Marriage spanish aff tools volver
Get Your Boyfriend Back spanish aff tools recuperah
Get Your Wife Back spanish aff tools recuperam


Categorie: Betting Systems

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Software to Win the Lottery spanish aff tools see in


Categorie: E-Business & E-Marketing

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Make Money Online spanish aff tools gcvideos


Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs: Witchcraft

Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Love Spells spanish aff tools conjuros
Spells and Magic spanish aff tools webventas
Voodoo Spells spanish aff tools magiavudu
Attract Good Luck spanish aff tools topventas
Astrological Compatibility spanish aff tools astrosed


Language: Italian
Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Diabetes Cure italian aff tools diabeteit
Erectile Dysfunction Cure italian aff tools disfunzion
Eliminate Varicose Veins italian aff tools varici
Remove Cellulite italian aff tools cellulite9
Natural Breast Enlargement italian aff tools bustoita
Love Spells italian aff tools incantesim
Regulate Cholesterol italian aff tools colesteita
Acne Cure italian aff tools acneita
Psoriasis Cure italian aff tools psoriaita
Arthritis Cure italian aff tools artrite
Software to Win the Lottery italian aff tools see in
Remove Herpes italian aff tools herpesit
Remedy For Bow Legs italian aff tools endepierit
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cure italian aff tools intesita


Language: Portuguese
Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Diabetes Cure portuguese aff tools diabetespt
Remove Cellulite portuguese aff tools celulite
Natural Breast Enlargement portuguese aff tools bustoport
Acne Cure portuguese aff tools acneport
Love Spells portuguese aff tools feiticos
Software to Win the Lottery portuguese aff tools see in


Language: French
Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Diabetes Cure french aff tools diabetecle
Erectile Dysfunction Cure french aff tools derect
Hypertension Cure french aff tools presionfre
Diabetes Cure 2 french aff tools diabetefra
Remove Cellulite french aff tools celufran
Arthritis Cure french aff tools arthrite
Acne Cure french aff tools acnefr
Intestin Irritable Cure french aff tools intestifre
Software to Win the Lottery french aff tools see in


Language: German
Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Diabetes Cure german aff tools diabetesal
Remove Cellulite german aff tools celluale
Arthritis Cure german aff tools arthritdeu
Software to Win the Lottery german aff tools see in


Language: English
Niche Language Affiliates Clickbank ID
Reverse Diabetes english aff tools diabetesj
Regulate Cholesterol english aff tools cholest9
Remove Cellulite english aff tools cellu
Spells english aff tools wsmanual
Software to Win the Lottery english aff tools see in



Terms and conditions for the 90% comission

  • Only applied to new members of each product. Must not have promoted the chosen product through Clickbank previously. 
  • Must make at least 3 UNIQUE sales (excluding large affiliates).
  • Yes, you will still keep the contract for the 90% comission if the sale is cancelled or if the buyer asks for a refund.
  • You cannot make these 3 sales by yourslef using your own member ID and then cancel them or ask for a refund.
  • To ask for your contract, send us an e-mail to the contact address with your Clickbank ID. This offer is only avaliable for 60 days from the approval of the JV Clickbank contract by the member. To approve the contract, you need only enter  your Clickbank account and head to the "configuration/my contracts" section. The affiliate will receive the regular product comission plus 60% corresponding to what the author of the product earrns. When added, these values correspond to 90% of the value of each sale. Clickbank receives a percentage of each sale (aproximately 5 dollars).
  • You can only ask for one contract per product (for example, you cannot ask for a new contract after the first one has expired using other Clickbank IDs).
  • This offer does not stack with other existing offers. 
  • The seller reserves the right to perform any sort of changes to the offer, or cancelling it at any given time with no previous notice.




90% Comission - Disclaimer

This comission offer has been created by the seller and not by Clickbank. For this reason, Clickbank is not responsible for any information included in the offer, which covers, without limits, all products, offers, incentives, expected refunds or other information hereby included. Also, Clickbank is not responsible for any links to third party websites accompanying this offer. These links do not imply any kind of support from Clickbank to the websites or the content, products or services available in them. By clicking or entering any websites from third parties, you acknowledge your own responsiblity and asume every risk which may ocurr due to the use of said websites.